About Us

Who are We?

  • We are Teachers, Professors, Administrators, and Districts that want to share our expertise and benefit from our hard work.
  • We are professionals with a passion for teaching and learning and KNOW that the best practices we'd like to share come from our classrooms; not from expensive vendors that try to make a one-size-fits-all solution to Professional Development.
  • We are connected educators that want Professional Learning to be targeted, on demand, and cost conscious.

Why Teachers Train Teachers?

Teachers Train Teachers is a forum to create, share, and collaborate.  It's a place for educators to gather their best practices and share them.  Through free applictions such as Google Apps, Explain Everything, Zaption, and Vimeo; an educator, administrator, or district can create a professional development library to share with others.  

Here are just a few possibilities:

  • Create tutorials showcasing how to successfully integrate technology into classrooms.
  • Host libraries of teaching in action so educators can see authentic teaching to affirm and improve the great work happening in their classrooms.
  • Develop professional learning modules that highight innovative ideas or solid instructional practices.
  • Reward educators for collaboration by hosting twitter chats and google hangouts while awarding professional development credits.


What will your great idea be?

About Us:

Anthony Fitzpatrick: Founder and Director of Professional Development

Anthony Fitzpatrick is a nationally acclaimed speaker, trainer, professional development provider and author of the academic best-selling book Social Studies can be SPECtacular.

Currently, Anthony is fulfilling an appointment to the New Jersey Department of Education in the Division of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness.  Previously, Anthony served as the Vice-President of Professional Development Services for the American Institute for History Education. He implemented engaging, relevant professional development programs for teachers around the world. He headed a team that created the Common Core Learning Framework, a resource designed to provide support to ELA and Social Studies teachers in meeting the Common Core Standards. He has also created writings and activities for CICERO: History Beyond the Textbook, Sojournerhistory.com, and the New Jersey AMISTAD Commission. Mr. Fitzpatrick received his B.A. in History from Rowan University in New Jersey; and a M.A. in Educational Administration from Rowan.

Prior to his work at AIHE, Fitzpatrick taught history at Kingsway Regional High School and also served as the History Area Leader and the Curriculum and Technology Supervisor for the District. A nationally acclaimed trainer and speaker, Fitzpatrick has provided professional development to over 150 school districts. His professional development sessions focus on critical reading, thinking skills, writing instruction, and enhancing historical inquiry.

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