Affiliate School Program


Host your Professional Development Library in our system!


  • Capitalize on your teacher leaders and master teachers to share their expertise with those beyond their buildings.
  • Teachers within your district will have free access to the Mini-Courses and Lesson Observation Laboratory sessions created and uploaded by your district.
  • The courses and lessons you create are available for educational professionals and agencies outside of your district to purchase on a per-use basis.  This allows the district to supplement their budget while providing a low-cost hosting option for their district.

​Does a district have to become an affiliate district to upload mini-courses and lessons to the Lesson Observation Laboratory?

  • No.  A district can create a free membership and upload their mini-courses and model lessons.  They will be able to market and sell those materials.  The only difference is that they would not be able to offer their materials to professionals in their district at no cost through our system while charging those outside of their district.

How would an Affiliated School or District provide it's sessions at no cost to it's professionals?

  • Each year, the affiliated school or district would receive a code that it's professionals would use to access the materials at no cost.  The affiliate organization should limit the code to those working in it's school or district so that it can market those materials to other professionals.

What is the cost per district?

  • The yearly fee is determined by the amount of students in a district.  At Teachers Train Teachers, we are committed to a low yearly hosting fee.  The yearly cost is $2 per student.  Districts with more than 5000 students will receive a customized low-cost yearly hosting fee.  

How would an affiliate district compensate teachers for sharing their expertise?

  • Affiliate districts and organizations should have a system in place that compensates teachers for their time and expertise when recording mini-courses or lessons.  In some contracts, this works out to an hourly stipend.  It may also be in the district's best inteterest to arrange for a profit sharing agreement with the individual teachers or the local association.  Teachers should be valued throughout this whole process and collaboration and communication is key.
  • Districts should also reward teachers through increased scores in the various professional responisbility domains that exist within adopted teacher evaluation instruments.


No one else offers such a low hosting fee with the ability to recoup that cost AND Supplement their budget by marketing their mini-course and lessons to other professionals!