Become An Instructor


How to become an instructor:

1.  Become a registered member of the site.

2.  Go to the "Become an Instructor" page under the "Instructors" tab.

3.  Click the "Register as an Instructor" button below.

4.  Complete a more in-depth profile.

  • Why two profiles? We require more information from our instructors so that we can make more informaed decisions in our approval process and so that potential mini-course participants can make informed purchases.  Both profiles will be linked to the same account.

5.  You will be listed as a pending instructor until we review your profile and determine the appropriate permission.


Register As an Instructor

!!NOTE: This is only for NEW users. If you are already registered and logged in, simply go to your profile, there you will have links to become an instructor and manage your profile


Best Practices for Instructors

If you are interested in becoming an instructor, you must be a registered member of our website. Instructors can post approved course content and have the opportunity to financially benefit each time someone purchases one of their courses.

It is important that your courses be as clear, engaging and pertinent as possible. Video, slideshows, supporting activities and documents are a few ways that you can make your course stand out! Users will be required to rate and review your course after completion. A positive review will help you attract more users to your storefront!

ALL MATERIALS SHOULD BE ORIGINAL!  Using commercially licensed materials or images is not allowed.  While you can point educators toward another product, please be mindful of taking someone else's original work.

Why should I become an instructor?

  • Sharing expertise is an important part of creating a collaborative environment for the teaching profession.  When teachers can have access to best practices, they can integrate and employ these elements for the benefit of their students.
  • Many evaluation instruments factor in being an educational leader.  Allowing others to benefit from your expertise certainly is something that would allow a teacher to show that they are promoting the profession and taking on the role of an educational leader.
  • There is a financial benefit for instructors that connect with the colleagues through their professional learning networks to market and sell their courses.

Can I collaborate with a group of teachers to create one storefront?

  • Absolutely.  There can be a real value in coordinating your efforts to maximize reach.  Just be sure to work out the financial arrangements for when your mini-courses are sold.

Marketing your materials:

We live in an increasingly inter-connected world.  Capitalize on your professional and social connections to spread the word about the mini-courses and live lessons that you’ve created!  Here are just a few helpful tips to spreading the word and gaining a significant following for your mini-courses and lessons:

  • Create a free course!  Let people know the quality of your work with a dynamite free course!  This is a great way to introduce yourself, your style and the top notch materials you provide.
  • Utilize social media.  Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+ are great avenues to connect with your Professional Learning Network.  Through these services, you can link directly to your course library or specific courses!
  • Include a link to your blog.  Are you a blogosphere maven?  Advertise your mini-courses and lessons to your followers to let them know that you are a go-to person for innovative ideas and teaching practices!
  • Be active in the forum.  Participants love to interact with course creators.  It gives them the avenue to seek out clarifications, build upon what they learned, and continue to share best practices. 
  • Create high quality descriptions for your work.  Make sure that your public course description is accurate and inviting.  Allow potential participants to have an idea of exactly what they are going to get.
  • Create top notch materials.  Participants will continue to come back to your offerings if you create and deliver high quality materials for professional learning and classroom use.
  • Moderate live free webinars/ twitter chats etc.   When you moderate free events, register the event on our live event calendar.  Direct your participants to register as attendees through our site and they will get a professional development certificate.  This is a free service that we offer to our connected educators.  Participants will get a certificate.  That combined with a chat log or other documentation will help them show that they are engaged in further learning.