Certificate of Completion

Teachers Train Teachers automatically generates Professional Development Documentation when users complete and rate a course.  The certificate will indicate the number of contact hours that it took to complete the course.  The number of hours is pre-determined by the instructor that created the course.  Teachers can use this documentation for their evidence binders, professional portfolios and for professional development hour accrual where prior district approval has been granted.

For Mini-Course Participants:  Please make sure that you complete all activities associated with the mini-courses.  The completion of activities serves as further documentation that, when combined with the certificate, provides greater evidence of professional learning.

For Participants in other offerings:

  • Lesson Observation Laboratory sessions:  For administrators or teachers watching an archived live lesson; we recommend utilizing the instructor-submitted scoring guide or your district approved evaluation instrument along with your professional development documentation certifcate.
  • Live Sessions such as webinars or twitter chats:  Participants in these sessions can receive professional development documentation certificates if the hosts have registered their event and you have signed up through our service.  Hosts will provide a link or twitter hashtag and we will provide the certificate.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you attach the chat log or twitter feed with your contributions highlighted in order to provide strong support for the professional development documentation certificate.  (In other words - If I were your administrator and you provided me with a certificate with no proof that you engaged with the session; I'd have a hard time approving or accepting that as evidence)


For Instructors: When filling out your course information, please provide a number of contact hours that you believe it would take an educator to complete your course.  Typically, this number should be in between 1-5 hours given our mini-course structure.  If a course responsibly takes more time to complete, consider spliting it up into manageable chunks or segments.

  • Lesson Observation Laboratory:  For those who are uploading video capture of your lessons; it is advisable that you estimate how much time it will take for participants to watch and complete a scoring guide your lesson.  Uploading a scoring guide and a reflection of your lesson would be wonderful ways to highlight your lesson.  
  • Live Events:  For instructors wanting to provide certificates for webinars or twitter chats, it is advisable that you select the appropriate amount of time of live engagement.  Most sessions run in between 1 and 2 hours.