How do I become an instructor?
Becoming an instructor is easy.  Go to the instructors tab and click on become an instructor.  You must fill out a more involved profile in order that we may grant people certain permissions and want to make sure we have high quality instructors.
How do I create a mini-course?
Once you are an approved instructor, click on the "My classes" link at e top of the page.  There, you'll be able to click on "add a new course".  Have your materials ready.  Once you create that course, it goes live - so make sure you prepare beforehand.
Can I make changes to my courses?
Yes!  We encourage our instructors to consistently review their courses and course materials.  Through collaboration and feedback from participants, you might want to update your course.  That is possible through the edit function when you click on a course you've created through the My Courses link.
How do I get paid though the site?
Please utilize a PayPal account.  The e-mail that you used to foster should be associated with a PayPal account.  Each quarter we will pay you through that account via an electronic transfer. 
Why do you pay quarterly?
Paying quarterly allows us to utilize our personnel efficiently.  (We are a very small company and this isn't our full time job).  If there are extenuating circumstances - please let us know and we will try to assist you as best we can.
How do I receive Professional Development Documentation?
After you purchase and complete a course, you are required to rate the quality of that course.  Once you rate the course, refresh the page and the option to print your certificate will appear.  That link will remain as long as you have an account.
As an instructor, how will you handle taxes?
Once you cross the reporting threshold ($500 per year), we will send you a 1099 form.
What do I need to record a live lesson?
We have had success with a small webcam mounted on a tripod.  These can be purchased online from various places.