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#rechat July 27, 2013

Join the Rethinking Education Chat on twitter throught the hashtag #rechat.

Teachers Train Teachers offers a free service of providing professional development documentation for connected educatos engaged in twitter chats.

1.  Register for our site.

2.  Register for this mini-course (Free)

3.  Engage in the twitter chat.  Remember to use the hashtag #rechat to answer questions and respond to participants

4.  Print out the chat log (this helps show evidence of participation and engagement)

5.  Rate the course to generate your free professional development documentation.


#satchatwc July 27, 2013

#satchatwc is an engaging and collaborative learning experience for connected educators via the twitter social media platform.

Here are the steps to follow:

1.  Register on teacherstrainteachers.com

2.  Register for this mini-course

3.  Engage in the twitter chat.  Be sure to use the hashtag #satchatwc when responsing to questions and participants

4.  rate the mini-course to print your professional development documentation certificate

5.  print the chat archive or spotify story (the spotify story is usually supplied by the moderator) so that it can accompany your certificate.  District adminstration may require evidence that you participated in the chat - so keeping this record is helpful.


#satchat July 27, 2013

#satchat is a weekly twitter chat that encompasses the best of professional collaboration throught he use of technology and social media.

When  answering questions in this chat - please include the #satchat hashtag.

  1. Join our website (For Free).
  2. Register for this live course (For Free).
  3. Engage in the #satchat twitter chat by responding to the questions and engaging with the answers supplied by others.
  4. Rate this course to receive your Professional Development Documentation certificate (For Free).
  5. Be sure to include a record of the twitter chat - your contributions especially - along with your certificate when submitting to district personnel.


#iaedchat July 21, 2013

If you participate in the #IAEDCHAT twitter discussion - register here to receive professional development documentation.  It is advisable to print and save the twitter chat log or utilize an archived and curated chat log such as a storify.

When participating in the twitter chat - please include #iaedchat in your answers so that your contributions can be recorded.

Rate the course to receive your professional development documentation.

There is no charge for this service.