The Beginning of the Journey: The Launch of Teachers Train Teachers


            I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Teachers Train Teachers.  In the future, this page will host announcements, contests, and highlights from our members.  In this first post, however, I’d like to share a little bit about how this all came about and my hopes for this site.


            It’s certainly a risk.  Taking my savings and using it to build a website that depends on educators creating professional learning opportunities for one another.  I’m not a business.  I haven’t received any investment money from anyone.  I simply believe that educators need a place to collaborate and receive professional documentation for engaging beyond the classroom, while knowing that educators that create should be rewarded for their time.  That reward?  Providing financial compensation to instructors.


            I hope that you find the flexibility in this site to create an avenue to share your expertise.  I know you have wonderful things to share. The beginning of this process will be about building courses and generating content.  The next step will be getting the word out through your professional learning networks.  Once that happens – my hope is that people will start taking classes and collaborating. 


Take the first steps. 

  1. Generate a list of your innovative practices or content expertise.
  2. Create a video, slideshow and gather your materials.
  3. Organize and build your course library.
  4. Build your Professional Learning Network.
  5. Share and Inspire!