Happy Holidays: A Time to Share and Reflect

Happy Holidays from Teachers Train Teachers,

     It's been a wonderful year and we are looking forward to an even better 2015!   How can we achieve our goals?  Sharing and Reflecting.


Do you have a dynamite teaching strategy to share?

Can you show educators how to use technology in their classroom?

Do you have an amazing video capture of a lesson to show educators?


What are the things you do well?  How can you share them with others to uplift the profession?

What are areasin need of focus?  Who can you go to for support?

What goals will you set for youself in the new year?

Our goals:

Do more to promote the expertise of teachers. 

Help build their confidence in sharing.

Share better techniques and tools for creating professional learning modules.

Our committment:

We will NEVER charge a membership fee.

We will always give educators control in how they market their courses and if/what they choose to charge for them.

Promote collaboration and connectiveness in the profession.