Sharing is more than Caring. Sharing is DARING !

Sharing is more than Caring.  Sharing is DARING!

                Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate.   We hear this word all the time in education.  Collaboration represents a REAL investment of our time and resources.  As valuable as it is; it’s not for the faint of heart.  After planning, teaching, assessing, modifying, and god-forbid taking a 22 minute lunch; the thought of keeping the brain moving and interacting can be oppressive.  But I liken it to hoping in the water for my morning swim.  It’s an amazing thing after I get started.  I’m relaxed and comfortable and KNOW that I am doing something great for myself.  But man alive – the drive it takes to take the plunge is significant.  But I must, and we all must, realize the drive to succeed resides in all of us.  Be daring!

                Let’s find that motivation and passion as the winter thaw brings the beauty and rebirth of Spring.  Look toward a renewed spirit of teaching, learning and your own professional growth.  When I embarked on creating this site a little over a year ago, it represented a risk, a challenge, and an unshakeable belief that teachers were the experts from which other teachers should learn.  I’ve heard from many of you.  You’ve provided me with some great ideas of the courses/ modules you’d create for this site. 


                Ideas ranging from mini-courses in technology integration, model lessons, strategies for implementing the common core, assessment literacy, article studies, content expertise are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are also educators that have received high marked in their evaluation instruments that have wonderful ideas to share to help everyone!


Be daring.  Be confident.  Know that what you do for students is second to none.  Share that expertise and be rewarded for doing so.  The help you provide others will come back to you.  That is the beauty of collaboration.  You just need to be daring and start sharing!


Yours in Teaching,