The Time to Create and Share is Now

Renewal.  As warmer weather finds its way past the doldrums of winter, we are reminded of renewal.  Renewal of our commitment to the greatest professional.  Renewal of our commitment to our students and ourselves.  When I launched this website a year ago, I had dreams of teachers sharing expertise from across the United States and Beyond.  I renew that dream as I type; confident in the ability of teachers to uplift a profession. 

                Teachers working together to share expertise and collaborate is the most powerful force in education.  There isn’t a doubt in my mind.  So I call on you.  Find your passion and share it.  This site is designed for you to use free, open-source creation tools in order to develop professional learning modules or mini-courses.  No software packages to download, no fees. 


  1. Teachers are the best providers of professional learning opportunities.
  2. Teachers work hard and should decide if their expertise is shared for free, or for a small profit.
  3. Teachers shouldn’t have to pay exorbitant costs for professional learning.
  4. Collaboration should extend beyond classroom and district.


I hope you’ll share in these beliefs with me and create a course.  I know others would benefit from your talents!